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Complete  and Full Schedule for ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023.

DateMatchTime Place
05-Oct-23England vs New Zealand2:00 P.MAhmedabad
06-Oct-23Pakistan vs Netherlands2:00 P.MHyderabad
07-Oct-23Bangladesh vs Afghanistan10:30 A.MDharamsala
07-Oct-23South Africa vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MDelhi
08-Oct-23India vs Australia2:00 P.MChennai
09-Oct-23New Zealand vs Netherlands2:00 P.MHyderabad
10-Oct-23England vs Bangladesh10:30 A.MDharamsala
10-Oct-23Pakistan vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MHyderabad
11-Oct-23India vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MDelhi
12-Oct-23Australia vs South Africa2:00 P.MLucknow
13-Oct-23New Zealand vs Bangladesh2:00 P.MChennai
14-Oct-23India vs Pakistan2:00 P.MAhmedabad
15-Oct-23England vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MDelhi
16-Oct-23Australia vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MLucknow
17-Oct-23South Africa vs Netherlands2:00 P.MDharamsala
18-Oct-23New Zealand vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MChennai
19-Oct-23India vs Bangladesh2:00 P.MPune
20-Oct-23Australia vs Pakistan2:00 P.MBengaluru
21-Oct-23Netherlands vs Sri Lanka10:30 A.MLucknow
21-Oct-23England vs South Africa2:00 P.MMumbai
22-Oct-23India vs New Zealand2:00 P.MDharamsala
23-Oct-23Pakistan vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MChennai
24-Oct-23South Africa vs Bangladesh2:00 P.MMumbai
25-Oct-23Australia vs Netherlands2:00 P.MDelhi
26-Oct-23England vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MBengaluru
27-Oct-23Pakistan vs South Africa2:00 P.MChennai
28-Oct-23Australia vs New Zealand10:30 A.MDharamsala
28-Oct-23Netherlands vs Bangladesh2:00 P.MKolkata
29-Oct-23India vs England2:00 P.MLucknow
30-Oct-23Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MPune
31-Oct-23Pakistan vs Bangladesh2:00 P.MKolkata
01-Nov-23New Zealand vs South Africa2:00 P.MPune
02-Nov-23India vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MMumbai
03-Nov-23Netherlands vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MLucknow
04-Nov-23New Zealand vs Pakistan10:30 A.MBengaluru
04-Nov-23England vs Australia2:00 P.MAhmedabad
05-Nov-23India vs South Africa2:00 P.MKolkata
06-Nov-23Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MDelhi
07-Nov-23Australia vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MMumbai
08-Nov-23England vs Netherlands2:00 P.MPune
09-Nov-23New Zealand vs Sri Lanka2:00 P.MBengaluru
10-Nov-23South Africa vs Afghanistan2:00 P.MAhmedabad
11-Nov-23Australia vs Bangladesh10:30 A.MPune
12-Nov-23England vs Pakistan10:30 A.MKolkata
12-Nov-23India vs Netherlands2:00 P.MBengaluru
15-Nov-23Semi Final 12:00 P.MMumbai
16-Nov-23Semi Final 22:00 P.MKolkata
19-Nov-23Final2:00 P.MAhmedabad






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